Today's poem is "Saving the Appearances"
from Saving the Appearances

Ahsahta Press

Liz Waldner is the author of Dark Would (The Missing Person), Etym(bi)ology, Self and Simulacra (winner of the 2001 Beatrice Hawley Award), and Homing Devices. A Point Is That Which Has No Part was winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize and the Academy of American Poets Laughlin Prize for 2000.

About Saving the Appearances:

"[N]o contemporary poet shows more wild individuality, more gusto ("truth of character...in the highest degree in which the subject is capable"—Hazlitt) than Liz Waldner. She has become one of the most convincing and most inspiring of our poets."
—Stephen Burt, Slope

"Rarely does one find such vulnerability and sadness so luxuriantly, inventively dressed out, so playful, so cured."
—John Reider, Tinfish

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