Today's poem is "Orpheus in Therapy"
from Orphics

The Kent State University Press

Leonard Kress is assistant professor of communications at Owens Community College in Toledo, Ohio. His previous publications include Sappho's Apples, The Centrali Mine Fire and Tryst: From the Life and Death of Chopin.

About Orphics:

"Imagine a postmodern Pindar with a liberal arts education and good command of Polish; think of an Orpheus who starts out as a horny kid from the American suburbs, hits the road like Kerouac, learns a few things along the way, but still looks back—wacked! Kress has come up with some playful and surprisingly haunting sonnets that glance at the old stories but sing their own new, not-too-sweet songs."
—Julia Kasdorf

"By laying a classical, Orphic, scrim over contemporary life, including the sad frenzy of on-the-road high schoolers' lives in the Midwest, and over the undergrounds of erotic experience, Leonard Kress has become an unusual and remarkable translator. The sonnet form is translated into raw demotic American; via 16th and 17th century Poland, Greek myth is translated into this poet's here and now. Orphics rules!"
—Henry Braun

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