Today's poem is "Horace, I.11"
from Even As We Speak

The University of Evansville Press

Len Krisak teaches English at Stonehill College and Northeastern University. The author of Fugitive Child (Somers Rocks Press), his work has been published in numerous literary journals including Agenda, Edge City Review, The Formalist and Poetry Wales. A past recipient of the Robert Penn Warren Award and the Robert Frost Poetry Prize, he is also a four-time champion on Jeopardy!.

About Even As We Speak:

"A poet's poet, Len Krisak: one who balances lightly and steadily on the shoulders of the masters, and who inspires his contemporary reader to mutter, 'Wish I'd done that.' As translator, as author of explicit homages and parodies and as maker of original poems enriched by cleverly turned, often punning allusions. Krisak demonstrates in Even As We Speak that the great tradition is indeed still speaking to us in the 21st Century. At times openly funny (see his series of high school poems), in his more dryly witty poems like 'Rondeau' and 'Absconditus' Krisak achieves the deep gaity we arrive at only after having traveled through sorrow. A well-made poem, Krisak reminds us, is an emblem of courage."
—Mary Jo Salter

"Len Krisak's work both gives pleasure and imparts wisdom. If there are still people who assume that metrical verse can't deal with present day matter, let them read this lively book and stand corrected. Moreover, Krisak is a master translator who renders poems (no matter how ancient) brisk, clear and contemporary. Here is a Richard Wilbur prizewinner worthy of the name, by a poet with a name to remember."
—X. J. Kennedy

"How satisfying to read poems that have so much to say about history, our daily lives, human character and the world we've inherited, and still remember not to say it — prose does that best, after all — but to sing it instead, as only poetry can, and to sing it through metaphors that surprise and illuminate! These are poems that invite the reader again and again, through every avenue available to poetry, into a mind worth visiting and revisiting."
—Rhina P. Espaillat

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