Today's poem is "Throes"
from The Tule Review

Kathleen Lynch's work has appeared in Poetry, Nimrod, Spoon River Poetry Review, The Sow's Ear, Chariton Review, The Laurel Review, Poetry Northwest, Two Rivers Review, and Quarterly West and is the recipient of The Spoon River Poetry Review Editor's Choice Award 2000 and The Salt Hill Poetry Award 2000.

About The Tule Review:
Poets in this issue: Gary Snyder, Catherine French, Ann Menebroker, Carolin Valencia-Dalisay, Alexa Forrester, James Lee Jobe, Bill Gainer, Normal Mailer, Simon Perchik, Stephen Meadows, Joanne Lowery, Ruth Bavetta, Kathleen Lynch, Patrick Grizzell, Cameron McHenry, Kim Addonizio, Dianna M. Henning, James DenBoer, Monika Rose, Dennis Schmitz, Diane DiPrima, Jack Hirschman, Kimnberly White, Jeffrey Alfier, Jose Manuel Arango, Rod Siegried, Rebecca Morrison, Lisa Dominguez Abraham, Jeff Knorr, Taylor Graham.

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The Tule Review * The Poet Tree, Inc. * dba Sacramento Poetry Center * 1631 K St. * Sacramento, CA 95814
Editors: Luke Breit & Traci Gourdine

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