Today's poem is "Sphere"
from Mating Season

Tupelo Press

Kate Gale received her Pd.D. in American Literature at Claremont Graduate University. She teaches at Loyola Marymount University and California Institute of the Arts. She is the author of six books, including four collections of poetry: Blue Air, Where Crows and Men Collide, Selling the Hammock, and Fishers of Men. Ms. Gale has had her poems published in Arshile, Portland Review, Quarterly West, and The Connecticut Review. She is the Managing Editor of Red Hen Press, a board member of PEN and the Editor of The Los Angeles Review.

About Mating Season:

"The poetry of Kate Gale passionately explores how we live and why. She is the kind of poet that you can turn to in the wee hours of the morning, an intense and alluring voice, brave and full of understanding."
—Molly Peacock

"Drive out past the edge of town while twilight gathers. Don't speed too fast past the house with the falling down porch, vines creeping under the eaves, shotgun blasted TV on the weedy front lawn. Dim your headlights and creep onto the driveway, 'til you hear ice tinkling in the half-full glass, the laconic argument spilled from the kitchen. Come closer, sounds of sex from an upstairs window, whispered prayers from behind the bathroom door. If you stay past dark, you might hear weeping. In Kate Gale's Mating Season, life is lived without the illusion of romance or sentiment, yet the urge for grace is an addiction still not kicked. Its language brings you into a world of fetid beauty. Its odors cling to you long after you put the book down."
—Terry Wolverton

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