Today's poem is "Lilacs"

from Red Town

Silverfish Review Press

Judith Skillman is the winner of numerous awards including the Eric Mathieu King Fund Award from the Academy of American Poets. Her poems have appeared in Iowa Review, Northwest Review, Poetry, Southern Review, Prairie Schooner, Yellow Silk, and many others. She teaches humanities at City University and lives in Bellevue, Washington.

About Red Town:

"In Red Town, the clinical coolness of the language in part helps to distance one from the intense imagery. We are in the dark country of the psyche. Ordinary experience undergoes a surgical probe to reveal the underpinnings of relationships, ancestral connections, memories of childhood. No event is too slight to remain unexamined. This layering, or counterpointing, is the motif of the book, presenting as it does a persistent conflict that may or may not be resolved. These poems record an acute intelligence seeking for answers."
—Beth Bentley

"I always learn something rare and mysterious about language and the layered world when I read Judith Skillman. She has a stubborn appetite for beauty and a consistent accuracy of rhythm. She takes extravagant emotions and pares them down into slender, articulate images. I recommend this latest volume to anyone with a penchant for almost painful longing and an 'inclination for romance that can't be satisfied'."
—Bart Baxter

"Language shuffles the ground between inner and outer landscapes, yielding poems that hover in a dreamlike present and in the nearness of another, yet more revelatory vision to come."
—Charlene Breedlove, Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association

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