Today's poem is "The More Moon, the Less Strewn Years: I Am Ended by Harsh and Grass"
from Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

Juan Carlos Vargas is a U.S. citizen who was born and lives in Costa Rica. His poetry has appeared in a variety of journals and magazines, including the Chicago Review, Voices International, Mother Earth, Ragged Raven (England), The Caribbean Writer, and No Exit. His poems that appear in this issue were written in English; they are not translations. They come from his collection entitled Under a Totemic Sign: Black Flowers for the Maya.

About Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review:
Poets in this issue: Guy Beining, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran, Constance Campbell, Anne Babson Carter, Susan H. Case, Cyrus Cassells, Alison Cimino, J. P. Dancing Bear, Christian Dean, Jennifer Firestone, Richard Fox, Andy Gambell, James Grinwis, Meghan Hickey, Anna Maria Hong, Abigail Howell, Z. M. Jack, Maggie Jochild, Andrea Witzke Leavey, Rebekah Love, Sylvia Manning, Walt McDonald, Kimberly Meyer, Amy Miller, Robert Nazarene, Jesse Nissim, Radames Ortiz, Emmy Perez, Steve Price, JoAnne Reyes-Boitel, Geoff Rips, Paul B. Roth, Alison Rutledge, Jeffrey Schwarts, Anthony Seidman, Virgil Suarez, Scott Forrest Taylor, Ryan G. Van Cleave, Juan Carlos Vargas, Eliot Khalil Wilson, Abe Louise Young

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