Today's poem is "Promenade"

from Dogwood

Joshua Mehigan is the most recent winner of the Hollis Summers Poetry Prize, and his book The Optimist will be published by Ohio University Press in winter 2004/Spring 2005. His poems have appeared in Poetry, Verse, and The Sewanee Review. He is currently working on a verse translation of Arthur Rimbaud's poems.

About Dogwood:
Poets in this issue: Joshua Mehigan, Sylvia Forges Ryan, Faith Vicinanza, Helen Marie Casey, Bruce Bennett, Jeff Walt, H. E. Wright, Paula Gannon, Donald Zaremba, Elton Glaser, Harriet Brown, Cynthia Roth, Andrew Sofer, Sallie Bingham, Peter Schmitt, Allison Joseph, John Meredith Hill, Andrew Gottlieb, Judith H. Montgomery, Carolyn Moore, Kate Newlin, Margaret J. Hoehn, Jack McFadden, Erin Murphy, Eric McHenry, Lynn Tudor Deming, Sandra Beasley, Midge C. Goldberg, Martin Steingesser, Yu Shibuya

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Editor: Kim Bridgford

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