Today's poem is "And Because the Leaves Were On Our Side"
from The Canary

Jon Woodward was born in 1978 in Witchita, Kansas. He went to college at Colorado State University, and currently lives and works in the Boston area. His first book of poems, Mister Goodbye Easter Island, is forthcoming from Alice James Books.

About The Canary:
Poets in this issue: Michael Dumanis, Noelle Kocot, Thomas Lux, Cate Marvin, Terrance Hayes, Monical Ferrell, Frank Matagrano, Lori Shine, Matthew Celona, Tina Celona, Tomaz Salamun, Rae Gouirand, Olena Kalytiak Davis, James Sanders, Jeffrey McDaniel, Crystal Curry, Arielle Greenberg, Sam Witt, Aaron Belz, Katy Lederer, John Repp, Joshua Beckman, Oni Buchanan, Rachel Daley, Jon Woodward, David Rivard, Nick Twemlow, Josh Bell, Aaron Kunin, Amanda Powell, Ryan Murphy, Rob Cook, Vanessa Stauffer, James Crizer, Brandon Mise, Ben Lerner, Catherine Wagner, Patrick Herron, Josh May, Pascale Petit, Nathan Parker, T. Clayton Wood, Jeff Bahr, Andy Carter, Geoffrey Detrani, Joseph P. Wood, Erica Bernheim, Joseph Victor Milford, Charles Bernstein, Matthew Rohrer.

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