Today's poem is "The Good Dark"
from On a Wing of the Sun

The University of Illinois Press

Jim Barnes is the author of numerous books of poetry, most recently Paris (University of Illinois Press). He has also translated two volumes of Dagmar Nick's poetry, Summons and Sign (Charitan Review Press) and Numbered Days (New Odyssey Press). He edits Charitan Review and teaches at Truman State University.

"It is a deep new pleasure to come upon a poet with the imaginative boldness of Jim Barnes."
— James Dickey

"Throughout his writing Barnes shows poise and a feeling for drama. His language is compelling and allusive, his tone often mysterious. But he never deals in obscurities. Instead, he has consciously developed a flexible, almost prosy style that is tightened into poetry by the sheer force of his syntax. Above all, Barnes is a capable explorer of self and society . . . a tough, discriminating voice."
— G. E. Murray, Chicago Sun-Times

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