Today's poem is "Christmas 1963"
from The Man Who Ordered Perch

Iris Press

Joseph Enzweiler received a degree in Physics from Xavier University. He received a ms in Physics from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He works as a carpenter, stone mason and photographer during the summer and fall months, and spends his winters writing. Enzweiler has published 3 previous books of poetry: Home Country (Fireweed Press, 1986), Stonework of the Sky (Graywolf Press, 1995) and A Curb in Eden, first version (Salmon Publishing, Ltd, 1999). A Curb in Eden, new version was published by Iris Press in 2003.

About The Man Who Ordered Perch:

"In Joe Enzweiler’s poetry, language and nature merge to achieve an enduring, shimmering brilliance."
—Ron Rash

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