Today's poem is "Crows"
from Horses and the Human Soul

Story Line Press

Judith Barrington is the author of two previous books of poems, Trying to Be an Honest Woman and History and Geography. Her memoir, Lifesaving, won the Lambda Book Award and was a finalist for the PEN/Martha Albrand Award for the Art of the Memoir.

About Horses and the Human Soul:

"The poem, writes Judith Barrington, ‘has lodged in my heart like a stone in the shoe...’. It is the perfect image for recollection. Here are the horses of her English childhood and the outbreak of World War II filtered through family reminiscence, her coming of age, the disastrous marriage and her self-acceptance as a lesbian. In the brilliant, excruciating title poem, undercover investigators watch but do not interfere as killers break the leg of a racehorse; the poet seeks to understand how savagery can coexist with intellectual detachment. When the crowbar strikes, she asks, what happens to the human soul? Her voice is lyrical, her intelligence palpable throughout this book. “
—Maxine Kumin

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