Today's poem is "Tower of Babel"
from Adam & Eve Go to the Zoo

Dream Horse Press

Jason Gray's poems have appeared in Poetry, The Threepenny Review, Literary Imagination, The Sewanee Theological Review, and other magazines, and in the anthology And We The Creatures (Dream Horse Press, 2003). His book reviews appear regularly online at Smartish Pace. He is the recipient of a Tennessee Williams Scholarship from the Sewanee Writers' Conference and a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council. He earned his MA from the Writing Seminars of Johns Hopkins University.

About Adam & Eve Go to the Zoo:

"Jason Gray writes with great precision. The words precisely chosen, the wit precisely incisive, the rhymes precisely balanced or unbalanced, and all this precision takes us deeper and deeper into a passion that is anything but precise, except in its delineation. The pleasures of Adam & Eve Go to the Zoo are the pleasures of a poet of great vision adjusting his eyes to seeing, as best he can, in the dark that we all live in. The book is a superb achievement."
—Andrew Hudgins

"With excellent craft and a praiseful calm coupled with quietly passionate hope for humanity's ever-raising conscience, Jason Gray's lyrical verse delivers the reader into a place of bright possibility. Like his 'Red Panda' balancing itself on a branch as 'the wind sways and the landscape shifts,' this poet knows the world's gravity and yet is not pulled down by it. Adam & Eve Go to the Zoo is an extraordinarily mature and striking first collection."
—C. J. Sage

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