Today's poem is "Poem"
from Jubilat

James Shea has poems appearing in Crazyhorse, LIT and Gutcult. He lives in Chicago.

About Jubilat:
Poets in this issue: Mark Booth, Geoff Bouvier, Catullus, Gillian Conoley, Joshua Corey, Caroline Crumpacker, Cort Day, Larry Eigner, Mosby Swift Hilliard, Susan Holahan, Bhanu Kapil Rider, L. S. Klatt, Mark Lamoureux, Susanna Lang, Federico Garcia Lorca, Eugene Ostashevsky, Erik Satie, James Shea, Matthew Shindell, Laura Sims, Marina Tsvetaeva, Ian West, Elisabeth Whitehead, Walt Whitman, Christopher Maurer, Christina Davis, Rick Snyder, Antony Melville

Subscription: 1 year (2 issues), $14
Jubilat * Department of English * 482 Bartlett Hall * University of Massachusetts * Amherst, MA 01003-0510
Editors: Robert N. Casper, Christian Hawkey, Kelly Le Fave, Michael Teig

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