Today's poem is "Lullaby"
from Bright Turquoise Umbrella

Tupelo Press

About Bright Turquoise Umbrella:

"Meinhard's receptive devotion to dreams and folktales of earth, sky, animals and insects, places her among the most gifted portraitists of our time. In four distinct chapters, Oscar Wilde's 'life is too important to be taken seriously,' whispers through a lullaby that falls, singing reversals and contradictions, 'from the Tree of Heaven.'"
—Andrew Levy

"In Hermine Meinhard's poems, everything is, as the French poet Robert Desnos once said, 'as if in a child's picture.' Naive and wise at the same time, and also terrible and disturbing. They are delicate necklaces of gestures, imaginative spaces where bodies and fables get grafted onto and grow into each other. I love the gentle waywardness of Meinhard's storytelling, her habitual methodology 'agitating and seeking' to find the self. This is remarkable work that startles as much as it soothes."
—Elaine Equi

"In these lucid dreams of revelation, Hermine Meinhard takes as her starting point the most mysterious territory of the soul. Amazed and hurt, joking in fear, loving and experienced, all t once, she is one of those few artists (Kafka and Fra Angelico come to mind) whose simplicity and skill deliver the refreshment of a deeper tenderness toward being."
—Brooks Haxton

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