Today's poem is "Without Mythologies"

from Smartish Pace

Henry Weinfield is the author of several collections, including The Sorrows of Eros and Other Poems (U. of Notre Dame, 1999). His verse-translation of Hesiod's Works and Days and Theogony is forthcoming from the University of Michigan Press.

About Smartish Pace:
Poets in this issue: Jozef Utassy, Imre Pentek, Karoly Sandor, Janos Parancs, Stuart Lishan, Tricia Yost, Richard Jones, Clarinda Harriss, Marilyn L. Taylor, Joyce S. Brown, Ron McFarland, Reginald Harris, Michael Hettich, John McKernan, Allison Joseph, Stephen Dunn, Barry Ballard, Dick Allen, Barbara F. Lefcowitz, Simon Perchik, Diane Thiel, Gaylord Brewer, David Kirby, Charles Harper Webb, Gayle Elen Harvey, Claudia Emerson, Catherine Savage Brosman, David Citino, Peter Cooley, Chard DeNiord, Rick Alley, Virgil Suarez, Bruce Bennett, Sherod Santos, Norman Finkelstein, James Reiss, Patricia Clark, Gary Fincke, Walt McDonald, Luisa Igloria, Richard Robbins, Michael Salcman, Deena Linett, Mark DeFoe, Jim Crenner, Janet Bowdan, Harvey Shapiro, Deborah Tall, Claudia Keelan, Allen Grossman, Ray Gonzalez, Maurya Simon, Henry Weinfield, X. J. Kennedy, Darcy Shargo, James Harms, Stephen Yenser, William Logan, Carl Dennis, David Middleton, Robert Murphy, Mark Halperin, Kevin Prufer, David Starkey, Fredrick Buechner, Carol Frith, Theodore Worozbyt, Ed Pavlic, Kirsten Hemmy, Susan Elbe, William Wenthe, Mark Halliday, Mark Cox, Christine Stewart, Dina Hardy, Lawrence Raab, Campbell McGrath

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