Today's poem is "Torso of an Ex-Girlfriend"
from Torso of an Ex-Girlfriend

Dedalus Press / Dufour Editions

Gerry Murphy Gerry Murphy was born in Cork City in 1952. His collections are A Small Fat Boy Walking Backwards (Cork, Commons Press, 1988), Three Spires Press, (1992); Rio de la Plata and All That (Dublin, Dedalus, 1993); The Empty Quarter (Dedalus, 1995); Extracts from the Lost Log Book of Christopher Columbus (Dedalus, 1999); and Torso of an Ex-Girlfriend (Dedalus, 2002). He lives in Cork City.

About Torso of an Ex-Girlfriend:

"This is Gerry Murphy's fifth collection of poetry. Close to the spirit of the great Romanian poet, Marin Sorescu, Murphy's work approaches serious issues with a jaundiced eye and a sense of humour that is wicked, gentle, barbed and subtle at the same time. Everywhere, especially in his love poems, there is a refreshing brightness that lifts a gentle satire into the condition of memorable poetry."

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