Today's poem is "Dawn in the Internment Camp at Heart Mountain"
from Disorient Ballroom

Turning Point

George Uba was born in Chicago, Illinois. A literary critic, writer, and professor, he currently serves as chair of the English Department at California State University, Northridge. He has been an amateur international-style ballroom dancer for eight years.

About Disorient Ballroom:

"These are poems about the disorienting nature of desire. We are all on a dance floor, waltzing into the messiness of love, alienation, disappointments, disappointments, moments of exultation and despair. All told from a mature Asian American man’s unique subject position—and spun around clear, musical, and elegant tones."
—Marilyn Chin

"These poems bear witness to the history of Japanese America and the personal odyssey of a singular soul. Like the old Chinese poets, Uba’s voice possesses an emotional openness and largesse of spirit, a hard-earned wisdom. Through the traumas of race, family, and mortality, Uba takes the suffering of others seriously. There are scars here, and injustices, but also irony and a wry detachment. The result is a book of edgy memories, grace, and buoyancy, a rare gift."
—David Mura

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