Today's poem is "Urn"
from Where She Always Was

Utah State University Press

Frannie Lindsay's work has appeared most recently in Field, Folio, and Salamander. New work is forthcoming in Spire, Tampa Review, and Small Pond Magazine. Frannie has been awarded an NEA Literature Fellowship, and residencies at the MacDowell and Millay Colonies, and at Yaddo. She holds an MFA from the Iowa Writer's Workshop. She is a classical pianist who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her three retired greyhounds.

About Where She Always Was:

"In small motions, with surgical precision, Frannie Lindsay's poems delineate the movement of pain, loss, and the difficult, often agonizing journey toward healing and rebirth. It is no accident that many of these poems are set in early spring, with its bare frozen ground and stark light. This is a remarkable book, which manages to love the world without ever turning from its stringency and sorrows."
—Cynthia Huntington

"The arc of feeling in this luminous book begins in loss. It passes through shock, bewilderment, and sorrow, but is buoyed continually by all that poetry can bear to bring to loss: a keen eye, a wellspring of memory, a sense of rhythm, a place for silence. These poems teach us that the imagination can help us find our way, and guide us to the point where we finally see who or what was always there. By the end of the book, Frannie Lindsay's poems have created a certain stillness in the heart, as if to say to the reader, "here, this is something you can count on now for as long as you live."
—Fred Marchant

"One day I opened the mail and here was Frannie Lindsay's Where She Always Was. It was wonderful to suddenly feel alone and quiet in the company of poems you had not met yet: picked up and moved; joyful; the hair going up on the back of your neck: you are in the prescence of the god of poetry."
—Jean Valentine

"Frannie Lindsay's poems employ a mysterious, shattering simplicity in the service of things deeply and authentically felt. It is strange to realize how rare that is in contemporary poetry, and I am grateful to be reminded that to say something clearly in a genuinely moving way is still an option for poets."
—Franz Wright

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