Today's poem is "At Work"
from Poems for Breakfast

Dedalus Press

Enda Wyley's last two collections of poems Eating Baby Jesus and Socrates in the Garden were both published by Dedalus Press. She has twice been a winner in the British National Poetry Competition and was the inaguaral recipient of the Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize. She has also received an M.A. in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. Her poems have been widely anthologised, including in The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing Vols 4 & 5.

About Poems for Breakfast:

"Her imagery, honesty and insight make this a first rate work."
Poetry Ireland Review

"Good poetry requires no qualification. This Poet's voice is strong, current and does much to regain ground commonly lost by the more feeble."
The New Irish Gael, Boston

"She experiments in her poetry with a world of dreams and that of reality. Her experiment works because her imagery is vivid and her tone is honest."

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