Today's poem is "The Dead"
from Runes

Ellery J. Akers is a poet, nature writer, artist, and teacher living in Marin County, California. Her book of poems, Knocking on the Earth, was published by Wesleyan Press. She has won five national awards for poetry, and her work has appeared in American Poetry Review, Harvard Review, and Ploughshares.

About Runes:
Poets in this issue: Rane Arroyo, Mihai Ursachi, Adam Sorkin, Jane Hirshfield, Anne Carroll Fowler, C.J. Sage, Hillary Tham, Deena Linett, David St. John, Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, Jnana Hodson, Ronald Wallace, Phyllis Stowell, Dan Harder, B.Z. Niditch, Mike Catalano, Simon Perchik, Michael D. Riley, Zack Rogow, Carlos Reyes, David Spiering, Terry Savoie, Bill Noble, Curtis Bauer, John Olver Simon, Virgil Suarez, Julia Connor, Jacqueline Newman-Speiser, Tony D'Arpino, CB Follett, Richard Wilbur, James R. Scrimgeour, Julie Cooper-Fratrik, Rochelle Mass, Charles Fishman, John Smelcer, Meredith Trede, Laurence Snydal, Sharon Dolin, J.D. Whitney, J. Tarwood, Peter Huggins, Eileen Tabios, Lynne Thompson, Ray Skjelbred, Judith Taylor, Lonnie Hill DuPont, Grace Marie Grafton, Stephen Corey, Jeanette Clough, Mir Haynes, Helen Wickes, Eleanor Wilner, Karen Sirabian, Sandra Kohler, Ellen Wehle, Yannis Ritsos, William Minor, Maureen Tolman Flannery, Bill Yake, Jeanne Wagner, Andreana Zawinski, Kristin Camitta Zimet, Rasma Haidri, Joseph Zaccardi, David Greenslade, Stephanie Dickinson, Robin Jacobson, Gillian Wegener, Peter Desy, Deborah Cummins, Margaret Kaufman, Janet I. Buck, Jennifer D. King, Laurel Speer, William Keener, Gayle Brandeis, Jeanne Lohmann, Madeline Tiger, Julie J. Hanson, Lyn Lifshin, Tim Scannell, Anne Wilson, Sandra Claire Foushee, Jim Barnes, Larry Lefkowitz, Jannell Moon, Martha Madena Vertreace-Doody, Claire T. Feild, J.T. Ledbetter, Ann E. Michael, Carolyn Miller, Janet McCann, Beverly Matherne, Joanne McCarthy, John Harris, Susan Terris, Thomas Centolella, Dancing Bear, Katharyn Howd Machan, george wallace, Rob Cook, Leza Lowitz, Enid Dame, Kit Kennedy, Anthony Russell White, Martha Rhodes, Rina Ferarelli, Carol Dorf, Jennifer Dick, Ellery Akers, Ruth Daigon

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Editord: CB Follett and Susan Terris

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