Today's poem is "Not Yet"
from Connecticut Review

Doug Anderson is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Connecticut. His most recent book of poetry is The Four Way Reader: Anthology (Four Way, 1996).

About Connecticut Review:
Poets in this issue: Clare Rossini, Dana Sonnenschein, Sheila Squillante, Diana Der-Hovanessian, Stellasue Lee, Sean T. Dougherty, Charles Rafferty, D. C. Berry, Daniel Bourne, Denise Abercrombie, Peter Krok, Faith Vicinanza, Neil Shepard, Marge Piercy, Joseph Bruchac, Susan Kinsolving, Juliet Crichton, Gaylord Brewer, Elizabeth Rees, Edward Byrne, Gerry LaFemina, Rennie McQuilkin, Windy McGlinsky, Susan Terris, Melissa Morphew, Jennifer MacPherson, Jonathan Stolzenberg, James Doyle, C. T. Lawrence, Elizabeth D. Samet, Jonas Zdanys, Constance Chambers, Doug Anderson, Jeff Knorr, Michael J. Sheehan, Deborah Rossel, Dave Anderson, Emily Madsen

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Editor: Vivian Shipley

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