Today's poem is "Displacement"
from The Formalist

D. C. Stone runs the non-profit company Speakeasy Literary in Berkeley, California. His work has appeared in Tundra and The Sewanee Review, and is forthcoming in ReGeneration, a Penguin anthology of young writers. He's also Assistant Editor for McGraw-Hill's 20th Century American Poetry (2003) and 20th Century American Poetics (2003).

About The Formalist:
Poets in this issue: Timothy Steele, T. M. Moore, David Mason, Jim Barnes, Vernon Scannell, Francis Fike, D. C. Stone, Walt McDonald, Paul Verlaine, Alice Park, Deborah Warren, Rachel Hadas, David Galef, Ellen Goldstein, Bruce Bennett, W. D. Snodgrass, Allison Joseph, Jeff Hardin, Edward Zuk, Ann K. Schwader, Martial, Susan McLean, Harvey Stanbrough, A. M. Juster, John Ridland, Richard Wakefield, J. V. Cunningham, David Berman, Matthew Hupert, Bruce Bennett, Pierre de Ronsard, Ed L. Wier, Arthur Meryash, Jeremy Schomer, Lope De Vega, Richard O'Connell, Joe Benevento, David Berman, Joseph S. Salemi, Thomas Carper, Lewis Turco, Susan Hamlyn, Leonard Cochran, Benjamin Taylor Lally, Jose Marti, My Caballero, Tyler Fisher, Cynthia Gaver, Jaqueline Seaberg, Robert Daseler

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