Today's poem is "Skunk Moon"
from Boy Land

Deerbrook Editions

Dawn Potter makes her living as a free-lance book editor and teaches poetry and music in the public shcools. She lives with her family in Harmony, Maine.

About Boy Land:

"Can poets be characterized by their longings? Dawn Porter writes of wanting 'to believe . . . that there is a way to compose these pieces into patterns of great beauty and precision, and indeed, it is a formal compositional elegance precisely balanced with a natural lyric expressiveness that defines the crafty grace that leads the way through Boy Land. Although it's a land where 'The unhappened looms and the bee waits to sting, it is also a place where the poet makes the choices her art requires to create poems that move through the thought disquiet with the greatest of ease."
—Jeanne Maria Beaumont

"Dawn Potter looks hard at the world and describes it so acutely that we become aware of something hidden underneath it—and that something is often a sense of quiet menace. Her poetry, like one of the characters she describes, 'subdue a sense of internal chaos by/ keeping her hands at all times.' But chaos is there, and we feel it all the more intensely for its being submerged under the taut surfaces of these remarkable poems. 'The unhappy looms,' she says in The Bridge. It is that unsettling immanence that charges these poems with mysterious power."
—Jeffrey Harrison

"One of the most difficult thing in poetry is to control the 'I,' to let it stay innocent, to let it act and be acted upon freshly in the poem. Dawn Potter manages this difficult trick with consummate ease. In her poems, no matter where she is, the conciousness is always fresh, the persceptions always immediate and the human connections always moving, moving us, as we are by the moments of life coming into focus, newly seen and absolutely clear."
—Howard Levy

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