Today's poem is "Altar Piece"
from A Liturgy For Stones

DreamSeeker Books

David Wright's poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in The Christian Century, The Mars Hill Review, re:generation quarterly, The Midwest Quarterly, The Mennonite Quarterly Review, and many other publications. His poetry for The Mennonite has been recognized by the Associate Church Press. A native of the Midwest, he has taught writing and literature at several colleges in Illinois. A Liturgy for Stones is his second collection of poetry.

About A Liturgy For Stones:

"David Wright's poems are alive with music and motion. His voice in A Liturgy for Stones finds daring pitches and a force of rhythm, disrupting our comfort zones. Wright sings his interrogations and affirmations of earth, body, and spirit, recognizing that much is hidden and that much can be found in God's 'kingdom of margins.' These beautiful and lucid poems call us to unlock our own tongues and to sing what is true, and then to listen to the echoing silence, a place of 'terrible holiness, a lush and delicate calm.'
—Jean Janzen, poet

"As the stones themselves cry out—even in their stillness—their praise, so do these sculpted poems manifest—even in their praise—a glimpse of holy stillnss. In A Liturgy for Stones, David Wright has come upon a rich and enriching vein whereby our daily narratives may be seen to partake of the greater story, our many comedies and tragedies to partake of the One."
—Scott Cairns, author of Philokalia: New & Selected

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