Today's poem is "The Feast of Tabernacles"
from Keeping My Name

Texas Tech University Press

Catherine Tufariello has taught literature and writing courses at Cornell, The College of Charleston, and the University of Miami. Her poems and translations have appeared in Poetry, The Hudson Review, Yale Italian Poetry, The New Penquin Book of Love Poetry, and Longman literature anthologies.

About Keeping My Name:

"This is a book to own, treasure, give away to deserving friends, and return to again and again."
—Rhina P. Espaillat

"There is a veritable zoo of forms to be sighted here—pantoum, villanelle, couplet, quatrain, sonnet. But Tufariello's metrics are not cages. Among them she is, as her walrus suddenly lithe in its Coney Island pool, joyously in her element. She is one of the best young poets working in the craft today. This is an arrival to celebrate."
—A. E. Stallings

"Keeping My Name is a book of formal poetry accomplished enough to sound effortless, agile enough in tone to be playful, rueful, earnest, or celebratory as the need arises, and capacious enough to apply both myth and history to the domestic world. Every reader will find poems to admire."
—Carl Dennis

"Catherine Tufariello’s enchanting and warmly crafted poems celebrate, to use her phrase, “small ordinary decencies.” More important, they show how such decencies nourish the faith that we are, individually and collectively, capable of progress, fulfillment, and redemption. "
—Timothy Steele

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