Today's poem is "The Fourth Man in the Fire"
from Krypton Nights

Zoo Press

About Bryan D. Dietrich: Born in Oklahoma City in 1965, Bryan D. Dietrich grew up watching bad horror movies and dreaming of becoming a comic book artist. Having received his Master's degree in creative writing from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. in English from the University of North Texas, Bryan is now Chair of the English Department at Newman University in Witchita, Kansas. He has won the "Discovery"/The Nation Award, a Writers at Work Fellowship, the Eve of St. Agnes Prize, and is a proud member of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan club.

About Krypton Nights:

"An elegantly constructed, beautifully pitched, frequently funny sequence of poems that melds high art, pop culture and Torah into a meditation on and dialogue between religion, mortality, and superheroes. I loved it."
—Neil Gaiman

"Ribald and religious, mythic and mundane, strictly constrained and highly unbuttoned...well, what better sequence of poems to have secret identities than Krypton Nights? That far-away planet has given us its Super Son to save us, and Bryan Dietrich has ambitiously pieced together its gospel truth."
—Albert Goldbarth

"The author of Krypton Nights has made a remarkable contribution to American literature: he has added another scarlet letter to our alphabet of heroic undergoing, and his "big red S" embellishes the breast of a fondly interpreted icon. Move over, Hester Prynne, make way for Superman!."
—Richard Howard

"Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent, are among our modern mythical representations of awesome power operating within awesome constraints. Bryan Dietrich's skill, powers of observation, and great humor give his own poems the strength that comes with control. It is a perilous balance which he maintains with calm assurance. This is a thoroughly engaging and memorable book."
—Henry Taylor

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