Today's poem is "Mercy"
from The Throats of Narcissus

The University of Arkansas Press

Bruce Bond is director of creative writing and an associate professor of English at the University of North Texas. He is the author of three previously published books, Independence Days, (1990, Woodley Press), The Anteroom of Paradise (1991, Quarterly Review of Literature), and Radiography (1997, BOA Editions).

About The Throats of Narcissus:

"This is a collection of imaginative range and daring, of inventiveness and exactness of imagery and language dedicated to themes of recognition, astonishment, harmony....an impressive [talent]."
—W. S. Merwin

"In every line—literally, in every line—of The Throats of Narcissus, beauties constellate and beauties choir. That is the miracle here. Imagery sings, and music radiates a bright clear light. The poems strive to balance the indifferent equations of mortality with true art. That they so consistently succeed delights me. And that they are, in such fundamental ways, committed to justice, elates me. This book avows that Bruce Bond is a good man making poems of a high and vital order."
—Donald Revell

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