Today's poem is "Learning to Float"
from Skin

Texas Tech University Press

April Lindner's poems have appeared in The Paris Review, Prairie Schooner, The Formalist, The Greensboro Review, and numerous other literary journals. She teaches at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

About Skin:

"Haven’t we all been told how beauty is thin as truth? And don’t we believe and disbelieve this 'lie we’d carve and starve for. / We’d suck it till the juice ran down our arms'? Skin compels us, repels us. Beauty may be only skin deep, a fine covering—sensuous, at times translucent, almost transparent, and yet so obdurate. Skin insulates, guarding its vital organs just beneath this surface that teases us to peek, to try to penetrate. We call this desire by many names, the best of which is love. April Lindner’s sensuously orchestrated collection of poems conveys the beauty and truth of love, how we know it to be paradoxical, obsessive, fearful, rapacious, holy."
—Robert Fink

"April Lindner's poems are attentive to both the music of language and the quotidian melodies of ordinary experience. Whether rendering the nuances of a moment or the dramatic sweep of a life, as in the series on Alma Mahler, it's ultimately the skin of the world these poems seek to get under. Often, they do."
—Kim Addonizio

"Skin is the membrane that both separates us from this world and gives us shape in it. It is the parchment that the world writes on with its injuries. And of course it is with 'the hunger of skin for skin' that we love one another. April Lindner knows all this and more—about how we live in bodies, as bodies. In Skin, she embodies her knowledge in poems that are as wise as they are beautiful and as exciting as they are smart. Skin is a superb achievement and a delight to read."
—Andrew Hudgins

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