Today's poem is "Orioling"
from Orioling

Red Hen Press

Ann Silsbee's poems have been published in the Atlanta Review, Seneca Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, and many other poetry journals, and in a chapbook, Naming The Disappeared, from Vista Periodista.

About Orioling:

"This is a book that testifies to many years of careful feeling and careful writing. Poems this accomplished rarely spring at once from a poet’s head. Nothing, however, feels labored. There are poems in this volume that one immediately wants to memorize and that seem in their fullness to have existed forever. She is one who, in her own words, knows “the passage to silence.” Her poems testify to her awareness."
—Baron Wormser

"Ann Silsbee’s lines sizzle and buzz with witty intelligence, dazzling imagery and sumptuous sounds. “The song you bear buds/under your mind’s tongue like a first word.” With nerve and energy, she dares limn the mysterious. A fine poet whose keen eye and ear, and a great sense of denouement, gift us with bouquets of amazing poems deserving a wide readership."
—Austin Straus

"Some months after the judging panel chose Ann Silsbee’s Orioling as the winner of the Ben Saltman Award from Red Hen Press, I reread the manuscript only to find myself totally bowled over by the poems. Silsbee brings so much to the table in her poetry, it’s hard to know where to begin to praise such work. I had loved this collection from my first reading of it, but subsequent readings have put me in awe of the wonderful spirit behind the poems and the exquisite language of which they are made. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d say “The Ten Thousand Things,” but that’s just because it’s a perfect movie of the creative process. There’s no doubt in my mind but that this book is going to open some eyes and put a star on the map wherever Ann Silsbee spends her time."
—Eloise Klein Healy

Orioling is a beautiful title for a beautiful and deeply human book of grace, skill, and a passionate involvement in the world."
—Tom Lux

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