Today's poem is "Darkwood"
from Back From The Moon

Bloodaxe Books / Dufour Editions

Annemarie Austin has published four other poetry books, The Weather Coming (Poetry Book Society Recommendation) and three collections from Bloodaxe, On the Border, The Flaying of Marsyas, and Door upon Door. She works as a tutor for the Open University, and lives in Weston-super-Mare.

About Back From The Moon:

"Austin is a fable maker. Hers is a poetry of parts held together by powerfully imagined dream associations. As her world deliquesces and reforms, her imagination breathes life into other people in other times, weirdly authenticating the material she draws from history."
—Anne Stevenson

"She has the power to suggest the fantstic or the terrible...Annemarie Austin understands that the force of the uncanny lies in the echoing silence at the edge of the unknown."
—Helen Kidd, Poetry Quarterly Review

"Austin's voice has a shivery intelligence and precision."
—Deryn Rees-Jones, London Magazine

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