Today's poem is "Poem"
from In a Different Light: Fourteen contemporary Dutch-language poets
Rob Schouten and Robert Minhinnick, editors
Seren Books / Dufour Editions

Anna Enquist has published five collections and a Collected Poems. She made a stormy entrance into Dutch literature in 1991 with Soldatenlienderen, which immediately won the C. Buddingh Prize. She has also published two novels: Het meesterstuk (1994) and Het Geheim (1997).

About In a Different Light:

"In a Different Light is a groundbreaking collection of work by fourteen poets writing in Dutch, many of whom have made continental reputations, yet await discovery by the English-speaking world. And there are fascinating and rewarding discoveries to be made. The tone is often conversational, and imbued with wry humour, but the subjects are the 'big ones' — death, doubt, alienation — examined through minutely altered perspectives. Yet, as Robert Minhinnick notes in his accompanying essay, this is a poetry surprisingly unmoved by nature, by politics, even by war. Instead, for many of the contributors, language itself has become the subject. In a Different Light reveals the essential differences which characterise Dutch language poetry. Intriguing and enjoyable, this anthology is perhaps the best introduction to poetry in Dutch currently available."

Edited by Robert Minhinnick and Rob Schouten. Contributors include H.H ter Balkt, Remco Campert, Hugo Claus, J.Eijkelboom, Anna Enquist, Eva Gerlach, Judith Herzberg, Esther Jansma, Rutger Kopland, Gerrit Kouwenaar, K.Michel, Leonard Nolens, Willem van Toorn and Hans R. Vlek. Translated by James Brockway, P.C Evans, Willem Groenewegen, Lloyd Haft, Francis R. Jones, Shirley Kaufman, Graham Martin, Steve Orlen, Craig Raine, John Scott, Mark Strand, Rina Vergano and Paul Vincent.

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