Today's poem is "At the Intersection"

from Beloit Poetry Journal

Andrea Heny is a recent graduate of Marlboro College. She lives in Portland, Maine.

About Beloit Poetry Journal:
Poets in this issue: Joel Friederich, Annie Boutelle, K. I. Press, Joseph Wood, Andrea Heny, Jeff Crandall, Elizabeth Kuhlman, Janice N. Harrington, Evie Shockley, Martha Carlson-Bradley, Ken Victor, Erika Mikkalo, Julianna Baggott, Emoke Pulay, Daneen Wardrop, Conrad Hillberry, Jason Labbe, Elizabeth Conrad VanBuskirk, Robert M. Chute

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Beloit Poetry Journal * P. O. Box 151 * Farmington, ME 04938
Editor: John Rosenwald & Lee Sharkey

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