Today's poem is "Explaining an Affinity for Bats"
from Phoenix Rising: The Next Generation of American Formal Poets
edited by Sonny Williams

Textos Books

A. E. Stallings' first collection, Archaic Smile, received the 1999 Richard Wilbur Award. Her work has twice been included in the Best American Poetry series (1994, 2000), has received a Pushcart prize and other awards, and appears widely in US journals. She is completing a verse translation of Lucretius' De Rerum Natura for Penguin Classics.

About Phoenix Rising: The Next Generation of American Formal Poets, edited by Sonny Williams:

Poets in this anthology: Craig Arnold, Chris Baker, Bill Coyle, Jill Alexander Essbaum, Jenny Factor, Ted Genoways, Beth Gylys, Adam Kirsch, April Linder, Joshua Mehigan, Joe Osterhaus, ALison Pelegrin, V. Penelope Pilizzon, Chelsea Rathburn, Jennifer Reeser, A. E. Stallings, Philip Stephens, Diane Thiel, Jennifer Tonge, Catherine Tufariello, Kevin Walzer, Rachel Wetzsteon, Sonny Williams, Greg Williamson, Christian Wiman, Chryss Yost, Michael T. Young

"Now the dried seeds found by the poetic archeologists of the '80s have borne rich fruit in this beautiful, explosive, and yet charmingly modest book. What a rich wild variety of vital young poets, not disenchanted at all but full of a strange spirit of adventure, with the ironic sense of humor of their elders but with the fiery ambition and profound emotional courage of other eras altogether-the Renaissance, the early Romantics. The world as these young poets see it is as rich and strange as that of John Donne, with its amazing scientific discoveries, its sudden exposure to a thousand new cultures, its weirdly lovely technological landscapes, its new found land of sexual liberty. Indeed, one special joy of the book is the rapturous and erotic love-poetry by woman poets who are as excited by what they find as Donne was by his own 'America,' his 'new-found land.' Beauty has been found again, and in the most unlikely twenty-first-century places; and these poets know how to put it into verse that is irresistibly memorable."
—Frederick Turner

"Lucky is the generation that can write any way it chooses, and this one chooses to write, at least in the poetry collected here, in traditional English verse. Much pleasure and some skepticism attend the reading of these fresh and accomplished poems. Some of the poets here understand what has been won for them. And others, typical of their time and talents, do their dance while thumbing their noses. But that is what was hoped for them all--freedom to do as they pleased. Many of these poets express an objective understanding of the uses of form. And some of their poems, thanks to their formal skill, are truly memorable."
—Mark Jarman

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