Today's poem is "College"
from Gargoyle

Adrienne Su is poet-in-residence at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. She is the author of Middle Kingdom (Alice James, 1997) and has poems in The New American Poets and American Poetry: The Next Generation.

About Gargoyle:
Poets in this issue: Deborah Ager, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Susan Browne, Jennifer Cutting, Debra Daniel, Phebe Davidson, Shira Dentz, Jennifer K. Dick, M. Scott Douglass, Cheryl Dumesnil, Carol Frith, Elena Georgiou, Eric Gudas, Penny Harter, Jennifer Michael Hecht, David Hill, Anna Maria Hong, Jessica Barksdale Inclan, Faye Kicknosway, Brigitte Knudson, Anne-Marie Levine, Timothy Liu, Carla McKain, Moira Muldoon, James Norcliffe, Michelle Noteboom, Kathleen Novak, Andrew Oldham, Alyson Palmer, W. T. Pfefferle, Zoe Reed, Carol Rosenfeld, Dennis Ward Stiles, Silvana Straw, Adrienne Su, Todd Swift, Venus Thrash, Lori Tsang, Sharlie West, Mark Wisniewski

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