Today's poem is "The Widow's Rules"
from Poetry International

Adrianne Marcus' new chapbook, Magritte's Stones, will be published this coming year by Lapwing Publications of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Her poems have appeared in both Irish and American publications, such as Poetry Ireland, Cuirt Journal, Massachusetts Review, Paris Review, Thin Air, Potomac Review, etc. She has three previous books of poetry and two other chapbooks and is currently working on a new collection, The Colors of Lost Memory.

About Poetry International:
Poets n this issue: Adrienne Rich, Aliki Barnstone, Charles Harper Webb, Philip Levine, Barbara Crooker, Jane Blue, Glover Davis, Ellery Akers, Bev Braune, Suzanne Lummis, Taylor Graham, Virgil Suarez, Joan Houlihan, Christopher Buckley, Jan Lee Ande, James Hoch, Carl Dennis, Ed Ochester, John Olivares Espinoza, Beverly Burch, Deborah Bogen, Joanne Diaz, John Randolph Carter, Nancy Hall James, Terese Svoboda, Mary Winters, Bruce Weigl, Antler, Len Roberts, Julia Johnson, Sarah Maclay, Naveed Alam, Cathleen Calbert, Adrianne Marcus, Robert Cooperman, Jeff Halbert, Wanda Coleman, Leonard Nathan, David Mura, Larry Levis, Attilio Bertolucci, Nicholas Benson, Hedi Kaddour, Marilyn Hacker, Saadi Youssef, Khaled Mattawa, Dunya Mikhail, Liz Winslow, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Gilbert Wesley Purdy, Marina Tsvetayeva, Vittoria Bradshaw, Joseph Duemer, Y Nhi, Hoang Hung, Lam Thi My Da, Ly Lan, Thanh Nguyen, Lo Ngan Sun, Phan Huyen Thu, Ly Hoang Ly, Da Thao Phuong, Nguyen Quyen

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