Today's poem is by Kimiko Hahn & Tamiko Beyer

Things that cannot be compared
        cursory translation of Sei Shōnagon

Evening and day. Rain and sunlight. Summer and winter. The aged and
young. Laughter and anger. White and black. Loved ones and detested ones.

Mist and rain.

The tiny indigo and imposing philodendron plants.

A lover with whom one has lost attraction, though obviously one person
and not two, feels like an altogether different individual.

When something disturbs sleeping crows at night, the flapping and
squawking produce a racket. The clamor spreads harsh cawing from
one tree to the rest. Night and daytime crows appear to be completely
dissimilar creatures.

Copyright © 2018 Kimiko Hahn & Tamiko Beyer All rights reserved
from Dovetail
Slapering Hol Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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