Today's poem is by Jim Daniels

A Brief History of Evolution

God carved his name in cement.
Then somebody took the carving stick

and stuck it through the heart of somebody
who disagreed. Then somebody else

took the stick and created the first museum
and charged admission to see the stick.

Then they started in on the cement.
Who owned it? One court ruled

it was vandalism. Then a dog pissed
on the judge's leg. But I get ahead of myself.

Those who made the cement demanded
crucifixion in lieu of community service.

It's the government's cement, the upper court
ruled. Then jackhammered it to smithereens.

Then The Smithereens formed a rock band.
Then God yanked off his fake beard

and danced on the head of a pin
while angels hissed and booed.

Perhaps I have this wrong. Hell broke loose
but they had a roundup. They sent out

a posse for God. Then God turned into a fish,
like they always said he would.

Swam away. And like that.

Copyright © 2018 Jim Daniels All rights reserved
from The Middle Ages
Red Mountain Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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