Today's poem is "Fall of the Year"
from The New and Collected Poems of Jane Gentry

The University Press of Kentucky

Jane Gentry (1941—2014) was the author of two collections of poetry, a chapbook, and numerous critical essays and book reviews. During her forty-year tenure as professor of English at the University of Kentucky, Gentry served as a mentor to generations of young writers and worked tirelessly to promote new voices. Her awards and honors include two Al Smith Fellowships from the Kentucky Arts Council and residency fellowships from Yaddo and the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. In 2013, she was inducted into the UK College of Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame. A native of central Kentucky, she served as the state‚Äôs poet laureate from 2007 to 2008.

Books by Jane Gentry:

Other poems on the web by Jane Gentry:
"On a Perfect Day"

About The New and Collected Poems of Jane Gentry:

"The poems of Jane Gentry, so honest, so clear, take a close look at and never look away from life, from death, from the things that occupy us and move us between and among those mysteries. They are written with a poetic craft so subtle that its complexity is almost invisible. To have her collected poems all together, thanks to the editorial skill of Julia Johnson, is a gift beyond our deserving but for which we should be deeply grateful."
—R. H. W. Dillard

"I love these poems. Their quiet beauty is thrilling. They are steady, true, and very brave. There is a heartbreaking but delightful originality in the late poems. So poignant, how they bring her alive again."
—Bobbie Ann Mason

"Poetry is obliged to prove again and again that beauty may arrive from moments that are not pretty, just as grief may lead us to discover profound love. These are truths I've always taken from Jane Gentry's poetry, and now, in this final collection of her work, one sees her long effort has been one of discovery and candor, to push through ordinary loss and the stinging shortness of life, in order to find the moments that endure or flash-out trying to endure. Here, without decoration or fanfare, is a gorgeous body of work wholly integrated to tell it like it is, without—and this is the heart-rending grace note—complaint. As Jane Gentry observes in one of the Late Poems in this collection, 'A poem is a bird that flies on many wings.' She's right about that, and here is a lovely book filled with many birds and their poignant flights. What a treasure this is."
—Maurice Manning

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