Today's poem is "[I Carry Your Taste as if It Were A Stone]"
from The Soluble Hour


Hillary Gravendyk was born in Manhattan Beach, California on March 1, 1979, and grew up in Snoqualmie Valley, Washington State, in the town of Carnation. She attended Tulane and the University of Washington and went on to get a doctorate in English Literature from the University of California, Berkeley. In 2008, her chapbook The Naturalist came out from Achiote Press and in 2010, her book Harm, published by Omnidawn, was a finalist for the California Writer's Exchange Award. In 2009, she was hired to teach 20th Century poetry at Pomona College in Claremont, California. After moving to Oakland in 2003 with her husband Benjamin Burrill, Hillary lived out most of her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area and Claremont.

Books by Hillary Gravendyk:

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About The Soluble Hour:

"In Hillary Gravendyk's astonishing, posthumously published book of metamorphoses, both body and language enter into the cycles of transformation. The reader follows her keen vision into the strange and unsettling territories these poems traverse, and like some latter-day Keats she teaches us both 'the downfall' and 'the jubilation' inherent in the fact that we are 'forever bound to our bodies,' 'which flower and fail.' These are poems of relation, the I tenderly addressing a you, and they were in their composition already aware of the unfathomable distance they would ultimately have to cross. 'I was a long time away,' Gravendyk writes. These final poems return her to us anew, and will bear her indelible vision far into the future."
—Jessica Fisher

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