Today's poem is "Relaxation Tape"
from Night Vision

New Michigan Press

Claire Wahmanholm holds degrees from UWMadison, the Writing Seminars at the Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Utah. Her poems have appeared in, or are forthcoming from, Saltfront, PANK, Paperbag, Anthropoid, Bennington Review, Bateau, DIAGRAM, Best New Poets 2015, Memorious, Handsome, Tin: Journal, The Kenyon Review Online, and 32 Poems. Her debut full-length collection is forthcoming from Tinderbox Editions in early 2019. She lives and teaches in the Twin Cities.

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Claire Wahmanholm's Website.

About Night Vision:

"In Claire Wahmanholm's Night Vision, we are made to witness narrative's inevitable unravelling. By placing hybrid prose in conversation with skillful erasures, Wahmanholm creates a subtle and striking commentary on the nature of language and story. She reminds us of the infinite ways that voice resists containment by history, convention, and our expectations as readers. In each lyric fragment, each fracturing of the source text, we are shown all that has been buried in the trappings of prose. This is a gorgeously subversive chapbook, a work that reflects powerfully on the circumstances of its own making."
—Kristina Marie Darling

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