Today's poem is by Luanne Castle

What Came Between A Woman and Her Duties
        14 May 1897

On this Friday, in our fair city of Kalamazoo, Recreation Park
refreshment proprietor, John Culver, has applied to the Circuit
Court to gain custody of his two young daughters from his divorced
wife. The girls currently reside in the Children's Home. They were
accompanied to court by Miss Bradley, the matron of the home.

Mrs. Culver, the divorcee, and the children were represented by
J. W Adams. The father was represented by F.E. Knappen. Mrs.
. Culver, pale and stern-looking, wore a shirtwaist with tightly
ruched collar and generous mutton sleeves. The strain of her
situation shows clearly on her visage. In the past, Mrs. Culver has
been aided and abetted by her female friends in the art of painting,
as an article of 6 February 1895 in this very daily can attest.

A large number of friends of both parties were in the courtroom
and heard emotional pleadings on both sides. Judge Buck
ascertained that Mrs. Culver is engaged in the pursuit of an honest
living at this time and so ordered that the children remain in the
mother's care. She was given six months to bring them home from
the orphanage or they will go into the care of their father and his
mother. Let us hope that Mrs. Culver can stay away from the easel.

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from Kin Types
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