Today's poem is by Philip Fried

The Quantum Mechanics of Everyday Life
        God doesn't play dice with the world.
                —Albert Einstein

Schrödinger's cat hid out on the Lower East Side,
Incognito genius of quantum mechanics,
Preferring to use his play-dead circus tricks
To nip my mother's calves and brutalize

Mice. Spooked kid, she made the 12-foot dash
From bathroom to bed, barely ahead of that feline's
Canines and leaped—into her nonagenarian's
Scoliotic stoop. From flame to ash

In a blink and a nip. Now, victim or acolyte
Of crazycat, she's always re-running that sprint
From meydele to elter and back, an event
Cum thought experiment, mit yiddishkeit.

God to Einstein: My universe, my bones,
My house, my rules, my ivories, my tombstones.

Copyright © 2017 Philip Fried All rights reserved
from Squaring the Circle
Salmon Poetry
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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