Today's poem is by L.S. Klatt

The Sapient

When diagnosing diseases of the
brain, it's natural to think of grass-
fed, pasture-raised androids. The
androids on hands & knees do every-
thing involuntarily. If they love the
smell of irises in June, it is instinct-
ive. If they dream of a lawn that is
everlasting, it is behavioral, a kind of
Artificial Intelligence. They give the
turf how to & what for, but the glade
from which they spring is a garden
to which they are beholden. Caprice
or whim is second nature. After a
sip of scotch, a drag on a Nicaraguan
cigar, the pre-programmed husbands
leave the patio for den & flat screen.
It's beautiful to think of them as
hibernal, waiting in the truant light.

Copyright © 2017 L.S. Klatt All rights reserved
from The Wilderness After Which
Otis Books / Seismicity Editions
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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