Today's poem is by Carl Rosenstock

The Mystery of Systems

Once upon a time, on my way to work,
Or more properly, my way to the subway,
I froze. Nothing dramatic —
The magnet in my heart
Found iron under the street And I was seized to the spot.

Once upon the way to my heart,
I found time seized
Under the street. Nothing —
A properly dramatic magnet —
Froze my way to work.

Once nothing dramatic froze time — the iron
Under the subway — to the magnet
In my heart, I was seized
On my way to the street.

Once seized, my magnet heart
Under the street, I found nothing.
In time, the subway froze,

The magnet in my heart froze,
I found nothing dramatic.

Once I was nothing dramatic, I froze.

Copyright © 2017 Carl Rosenstock All rights reserved
from The Mystery of Systems
CW Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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