Today's poem is by Michael Brooks Cryer

The Fabulous Never-Lark

Thinking about your favorite musical
can keep your mind off things.
I like South Pacific. Actually,
I like everything Pacific—especially Hawaii.
Hawaii has the least instances of shaken-baby
deaths in the U.S., but you didn't need to hear that—
you've almost fully recovered.
Think about the color green, and how
it isn't the color of the sky. I did this once
for several hours and got absolutely
nowhere. I didn't try to argue it should
be the color of the sky, just that it isn't
and that you can ask these kinds of questions
all day long and waste an incredible amount of time.
Time I could've spent otherwise, saving the fabulous
never-lark, a bird that once thrived in our imagination,
but now is more or less without a name.

Copyright © 2017 Michael Brooks Cryer All rights reserved
from Selected Proverbs
Elixir Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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