Today's poem is by Glenna Cook


September morning,
walking through the woods
I come upon a large, granite rock,
speckled gray and black,
along the path.

Someone, or more than one,
has turned it into a shrine,
arranging pebbles
and a piece of green glass
on its smooth, inclined surface.

I add a tan, oval stone.
Embedded, white lines,
like petroglyphs,
tell its story.

It fits, and shifts
the restrained aesthetics
of the whole,
making it more beautiful.

If we could treat
our earth like this,
each person leaving behind
treasure thoughtfolly placed,
all that is right will be left,
and all that is left will be right.

Copyright © 2017 Glenna Cook All rights reserved
from Threholds
MoonPath Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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