Today's poem is by Aaron Anstett

Last Will

What will the children say if I say I fear
our fates are decided in secret meetings
and my best advice remains ignore
many things, maniacal yowling and floating

casino's calliope? Bequest? Avoid these accidents:
Committee chair or huddled under trestle,
wondering which hinge reddest, rustiest,
most sunset among world's abandoned

amusement parks, every continent, machinery
grease long ago evaporated. An animal urge
overwhelms to confirm the taste of dust and blood
then wince hearing screech and squeak. Insert

description. Append assertion. Let imagination drift
and memory steer. Remember your mother, shape
of her face yelling and yawning, looking
blank, pretending not to hear a solitary word.

Copyright © 2017 Aaron Anstett All rights reserved
from Please State the Nature of Your Emergency
Sagging Shorts
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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