Today's poem is by Laura Romeyn

Horse Girl

From your stencil comes our collective.
Rapid production at split-time, freehand

at tie-down. Then the saddle-shoes,
then the blunt bangs. Who knows about

the leather studs formula? That you don't
have to own a horse to be Horse Girl.

We're all using the same markers.
Tap lightly, and everywhere.

What to listen for: something about ownership.
Spendings of a day, last hours, my own.

What if I want to be carted around
in a little plaited backpack smelling her hair?

Nothing is real, or so said the workbreed.
Me, I'll roll out the red carpet

which is actually construction paper,
and everyone will admire my boots.

Copyright © 2017 Laura Romeyn All rights reserved
from Black Warrior Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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