Today's poem is by Carla Kirchner

        "Reports of the death of supergravity are exaggerations."
                        —Stephen Hawking

They've taken away Pluto.
San Francisco is lost to fog. I've forgotten
much of what I learned in second grade.

So, it's good to know that gravity (super or otherwise)
is still alive since so many other things are not:
        Dodos. Tasmanian Tigers. Passenger Pigeons. The art
        of letter writing. The salesman who sold my father
        his first single-breasted suit in 1962. Manners
        and Poetry. My father.

Eventually, all bodies seek their natural place.
Tonight, your arms hold me to this room.
My heart is held inside my chest so that when it breaks,
it cannot spin off weakly into space.

Copyright © 2017 Carla Kirchner All rights reserved
from The Physics of Love
Concrete Wolf
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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